Thanksgiving Covid-19 Style

What a year. Crazy. The Covid. The election. The Protesters. The Fires. Not to mention my dental issues.

I worked REALLY hard for decades both as a food server then a restaurant manager. On holidays we worked extra hard without extra Thanks. Yes, even on the day of the Thanks-“Giving” Managers make the same whether you work 8 hours or 23 hours.

Servers don’t often receive extra compensation on holidays, even though it looks busy. Usually that’s when ‘amateurs’ eat out. Amateurs seem to have unrealistic expectations and think a 10% gratuity is more than enough especially if it’s a buffet.

When I finally retired, I couldn’t wait to spend all day cleaning my house and cooking food for my family, now, thanks in part to Covid, things will look, well, a little different around here.

I have NEVER decorated for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving dinner. I usually host three. One for friends, one for one daughter and her family and one for the daughter still crazy enough to work in a restaurant. Hers is usually the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving or the Friday after.

This year, I’ll be cooking alright. But the food will be delivered to the daughters’ homes. Since no one’s coming over, I figured I’d get a well deserved jump on Christmas Cheer and decorate a little early.

The last few years I’m sick of the Christmas-Clutter by December 24. I don’t dismantle it until the last grand kid has opened their gifts. I am not totally heartless. So I wait until December 26.

If I get sick of the multiple Christmas trees or endless garlands on schedule, it may come down by mid December! Not really, as I said, I’m not totally heartless.

Oh, the Dentist you ask? Well, as mentioned, things look a little different around here. Including a couple teeth that went AWOL.

Happy New Year?

We will see, it can only get better, right?

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