The 80’s were not kind….

For most of the 1980″s I was in my 20’s. The fashions were HORRIBLE. I was expecting babies the last part of the 70’s and the early part of the 80’s. Some sick person thought it would be fashionable to dress pregnant ladies up like toddlers. Puffy sleeves and all kinds of ribbons in pastel colors. When I finally put away my maternity clothes I was dressing more like a grown up, sporting adorable shoulder pads and big-ass perms.

I hated my body, before and after kids. I was built like a boy. Not an ounce of fat, not a curve in sight. I got dressed in the closet for the first few years of my marriage because I was so embarrassed of how I looked. If I had that figure now, I’d go to the market in my birthday suit!

I look at clothes now and think, I would have loved that back a few decades ago, but all the lose flowing clothes would make me look like a sixty year old lady expecting a baby. I am determined to loose my recent weight gain so I can wear loose fitting clothes that are meant to fit a 2x but look best on a size 2-x-less body, ironic. When I had the size 2 body, the clothes were hideous, now clothes are cute and I don’t fit in them.

I remember going in to K-Mart years ago, thinking it must cost just as much to make a shirt out of cute material as it does out of ugly material. If ladies with horrible taste didn’t have access to ugly clothes they would be forced to look nice. But no, K-Mart had ample supplies of the ugliest clothes imaginable, seemingly to have an endless supply of old-lady looking clothes. At one point they brought in one of Charlie’s Angels to fix the fashion crisis. But sadly even beautiful Jacquelyn Smith couldn’t save the day.

I think all the K-Marts are gone. But the hideous old lady looking clothes have managed to sneak into other stores. Polyester blouses with color combinations of flowers one should only see in nature.

I think even Mother Nature wouldn’t wear some of the blouses that still sting the corners of my mind.

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