I am so high!

And not in a good way.

I have always had really low blood pressure. Strangely, after only two years, nine months and 15 days taking care of my mom, I am noticing some adverse effects. I have gained at least 25 pounds, increased my alcohol consumption and just for kicks doubled my salt intake. If I start gambling, doing heroin and watching porn it’ll be all over. The worst part, I was supposed to LOSE 25 pounds. I went the wrong direction. Now I need to loose 25 pounds just to be fat.

I have stopped eating salt, sorta. I use a fraction of what I used to use when I am cooking. I have stopped adding any salt to my food once it’s cooked. No more Cup o’ Stroke for me, (Cup o’ Noodles to you laymen).

I remember just like it was yesterday…August 1978, laying in a hospital bed, minutes before I gave birth, the nurse took my blood pressure and asked my nearly 200 pound self if I was an athlete. I said; “Do I look like an athlete?” I think that was the last time someone asked if I was an athlete.

People talk about the Covid-19 being the cause of an newly found 19 pounds added to their frame. If being on a ‘stay-cation for a couple of months is an excuse for weight gain, then it’s a miracle after being housebound with my mom for 2 years, 9 months and 15 days I haven’t qualified to audition for My 600 Pound Life.

As soon as it’s not 100 degrees I am going to start taking little trips around the block. I’ll probably start off driving my car, work my way up to our ATV, (All Terrain Vehicle), on horseback and finally on foot.

Although, the horse would probably prefer I walk for a few months, then ride.