The Domino Effect

The domino effect is when one thing leads to another. In the actual game dominos, it’s on purpose. In my house it’s always one innocent thing that leads to a whole buncha stuff you never would have taken on if you’d have known you were about to get caught up in a tsunami of re-arrange.

In this particular event, we bought a smallish computer. They call it an All-in-One, meaning it’s not as convenient as a laptop, but small enough to carry around. The keyboard is attached to it by a cord, as is the mouse.

Anyhoo, I was super excited to get it, so much so that I allowed it to take up 50% of my kitchen island space, for a day. After a couple blogs and no room to prep food, I found the computer a little spot in one of the upstairs guest rooms. Unfortunately, it was atop a small cabinet. No room for a chair, so basically the only way to use it would be to squat. Although that would be an amazing workout, it most likely would paralyze or even kill me. So, a no go.

This morning, after Poor Jim took off to Urgent care. Now, not to go completely off the subject, but ‘Urgent’ implies a kind of a-little-bit-of-a-hurry. Our “Urgent” care is 45 minutes to an hour away. But Poor Jim thought it was worth it, he wanted to find out if his toes and ears had cancer. Turns out he caught Covid-Toes, he never actually got Covid, just the toes, and he will have to see a doctor about his ears. It’s interesting, not only is Poor Jim going deaf, at least to my voice, but the outside of his ears are turning on him as well.

Anyhow, with Poor Jim out of the way, I decided to move the computer to a larger guest room downstairs in the basement. Only I didn’t have a desk. So, I re-arranged the upstairs family room, moved a sofa table from behind the sofa, had to empty all the drawers, find new places for the crap in there, move the sofa table down 2 flights of stairs…….you get the picture. But no, it gets worse.

We were supposed to get new carpet this week, only it’s postponed because of the Top Ramen shortage, AKA shipping issues. Well, before we found out we weren’t getting new carpet, Poor Jim had unloaded all the downstairs cabinets of their contents making it easier for the carpet installers to move the furniture. Unfortunately, he piled everything up like Giant Leaning Towers of Pisas, all over the windowsills. Pretty unsightly, but temporary, and I almost never go downstairs.

I said, halfheartedly, that I wouldn’t put everything back, I would avoid the basement for 3 or more weeks while we anxiously waited to replace the carpets. But that was before I created a shiny new office in………. you guessed it, the downstairs basement! So, I had to put everything back. I even added a few found cookbooks to the upstairs cabinet I should have been emptying out.

If I have to have horrible carpets for another month, I might as well not complicate matters by have Leaning Towers of Books adorned by miscellaneous goodies all over the place.

I never would have done this if Poor Jim was home. I hate it when he makes that face, you know the one. The one where a person tries to force logic and reason on you. Saying things like; “I just unloaded all that stuff”, or “no one will see it”, or “that will never fit”, or “we are supposed to be clearing out the garage for the ‘Luxury Vinyl hard floors’ being installed on the main floor in 2 days!”, or ” You just added 20 pounds of cookbooks to the cabinet we need to unload in 2 days!” etcetera.

All I have to say is I’m sorry Poor Jim’s tootsie’s hurt and they caught the Covid, and I’m sorry I don’t get to have new carpet in my shiny new office. But I sure am happy I have a tiny computer I can carry around if I ever get tired of the view from my shiny new office, but I doubt it, it’s amazing!

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