Finally a meal my mom Loved

So, I said to my mom: “did you take the foil off the dish sitting on the island?” She said: “Yes! It was the most delicious thing EVER! The meat was so tender!!”

A normal person would have loved the compliment, I however was HORRIFIED. I said: “Mom, you just ate the dogs food.” She said: “Why would you give that delicious food to the dog.” I said: “Because it was DOG FOOD!”


I put dry kibble in a pie pan, we recommend Pedigree, then top it with a can of Old Roy Beef Tips in Gravy.

My dogs loved it, it never occurred to feed it to my mom.

Now I make my own dog food. This is actually food a human could eat:)

Ground turkey

Beef liver


Lentils cooked with tiny shredded up carrots

Brown rice or quinoa

Sweet potatoes

It’s actually delicious, all except for the liver:(

I brown 3 pounds of turkey, mix in a 2 pound bag of frozen chopped spinach add the cooked liver (1 pound cooked in my pressure cooker and ground up) add the cooked lentils, (about 2 cups) stir in the 6 cups of cooked quinoa or cooked brown rice and a couple big cans of sweet potatoes.

I would feel much better about my mom eating this dog food:)

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